Thursday, March 1, 2007

Suppressing My Weakness

It's really hard to suppress something that is beyond your control. It's really hard to gain strength when you're totally getting weak and numb. It's hard to search for something which you can't find. When you're totally covered with darkness. It's hard to find the lit of light in there. Good thing if there is still. Good thing if that maze is just easy to get in and out. But what if it's a trap. How can you get out of it.

I'm feeling so pressured with the mixed feelings that I had. Like I was fainting and nearing to death. The feeling that someone wants to take my breath away and I was trying to suppress his power seems so hard. Such a nightmare. My life is a sweet torture as of this moment. It's killing me softly. I don't know if till when I can last. If till when can I stand still in this chamber of pain and agony.

Life is just like that I do believe I can suppress it. God is with me.


The Blogmaster said...

Your blog is looking good. You should keep working on it.

zackyza said...

nice post.. be your self i thinks betters